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We are committed to horses

Our Mission

The mission of the Partnership to Ban Horse Carriages Worldwide is to effectively organize and work with multiple organizations around the world to streamline our identical purpose of banning the dangerous, cruel and unnecessary practice of horse drawn carriages.


With our Partnership Pledge, we have received numerous endorsements from businesses in the community. This community support is so important to our movement.

Community Support from Businesses is Key!

Not only does it show that we have broad support but it puts local governments on notice — not only are individual members of the community behind this movement, but so is the business community.

When a business endorses a horse carriage ban in Chicago, they support a ban everywhere. Consider adding your business’ voice to the ban.

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Download the Partnership Pledge

Want to have your voice heard right away? Download the Partnership Pledge right here and email us the form when it is complete!

Here is a list of all the businesses that have added their voice to the fight

You can view the actual endorsements on Facebook.

Abbe Insurance
Alice & Friends’ Vegan Restaurant
Animal Alliance of Canada
Animal Hero Kids
Amazing Kale Burger
Animal Protection Party of Canada
Animals Asia Foundation
Anti-calèche defense coalition
Applied Animal Behavior
Asili Naturals
Assisi Animal Foundation
Attorneys for Animals, Inc

Jonathan Balcombe
The Barbi Twins
Barn Sanctuary
Bitter Betty Bath

Calico Dragon Bags
Canadian Horse Defence Coalition
Carriage Horse Freedom
Center for Animal Protection & Education
Center For Ethical Science (CFES)
Chicago 12th Ward Alderman George Cardenas
Chicago 25th Ward Alderman Daniel Solis
Chicago 36th Ward Alderman Gilbert Villegas
Chicago Building Inspections, Inc.
The Chicago Diner
The Chicago House of ‘Za
Chicago Pit Stop Rescue
Chicago VeganMania
Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)
Compassionate Action’s Project
Compassion Company (Clothing Company)
CompassionWorks International
Crate Free Illinois
Cutco Knives

Defenders of Animals, Inc.
Dr. Andrew Knight, Veterinarian and Veterinary Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics at the University of Winchester, UK
Armaiti May, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine & Owner of Dr. May’s Veterinary House Calls)
Dr. Aysha Akhtar, Neurologist
Dr. Christine Capaldo, DVM
Dr. Judith Samson, Veterinarian at Banded Peak Vet Hospital
Dr. Holly Cheever
Dr. Paula Kislak, DVM & KM Veterinary Services

Earth Advocates (Earth Animal Sanctuary)
Envision Positive
EPIC Outreach
Equine Advocates

Fancy Plants Catering
Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)
Foster Army Animal Rescue
Forever Reigning Cats & Dogs
Free from Harm
Friends of Animals
Fuzzy Face Pet Services

The Gardener Cheese Company
The Globetrotting Veterinarian, Dr. Erika Sullivan

Harm Less Threads
Harmonic Resolution Piano Service
Harry Hmura Band
Have A Heart Farm
Healthful Habits LLC
Heartland Cafe
Help Animals India
Hersey Animal Rights & Ethics
The Hoof Whisperer
Hoosier Environmental Council
Horseracing Wrongs, Inc.
Humane Investing, LLC
Humane Society of the United States

In Defense of Animals
Indiana Animal Rights Alliance
Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
International Primate Protection League
In the Sack Designs

Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch
Juice Plus
Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

Laurie Kay, Certified Massage Therapist
The Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy
Kind Body & Soul
Kind Traveler
Kitchen 17
Dr. Patti Klein, DVM, Animal Rescue Veterinary Consulting & Pet Care in Motion

Law Office of David Tenenbaum
Law Offices of John A. Culver, Ltd.
Let’s Go Fido Pet Care
Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

Margo Miller, Attorney at Law (IL, MI, MO)
McHenry County Vegan Meetup Group
Mercy For Animals
The Mike Nowak Show
Mindful Baking
MoonWillow Tai Chi & Wellness
My House Miniatures

Natural Awakenings Chicago Magazine
Nature Yoga
Next Step Counseling, Inc.
Nonhuman Rights Project

Palais Palais
Panos Law Firm
Plus Orange Design (Graphic Design)
Punk Rawk Labs, Inc.
The Puppy Mill Project

Red Door Animal Shelter
Rustic Roots Salon and Spa

S.E. Owens & Company
Save Nosey Now, Inc.
Sit & Stay, LLC
Space Coast Animal Rights
Spirit Equine Transport, LLC
Stardust Animal Sanctuary
Starship Salon
Ste. Martaen (Caterer)
The Sweet Bunny Project

Talking Animals Radio Show
Dr. Barry Taylor, DVM & Owner at Franklin Veterinary Clinic
Telluride Animal Foundation
Thermal Laminating Corporation
Tina Smothers Photography

Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation & Real Horse Rescues (Susan Kayne, Equestrian)
Uplands Peak Sanctuary
Upton’s Naturals
Utah Animal Rights Coalition

Vegan Black Metal Chef
Vegan Street
Veterinary Association for the Protection of Animals (VAPA)
Voices for the Animals Radio Program
Victoria Horse Alliance
Vintech Systems, Inc.

Western Mass. Animal Rights Advocates
Westgate Valley Dental
Winged Horse Healing
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
Wully Outerwear

Zobo Promo, Inc.

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