Cruelty Caught on Camera

We have lost too many horses


We have compiled a list of videos that expose the true tragedy of horse drawn carriages – Most of these are hard to watch so be warned.


More Cruelty Exposed

Here is a compilation of why the horse carriage trade is inhumane.

More Cruelty Exposed

Here is a compilation of why the horse carriage trade is inhumane.

Victoria horse carriage horses collapse at Ogden Point

On May 4th, 2018, two horses slipped and collapsed at the Ogden Point cruise ship terminal while pullling a trolley full of passengers. The official statement from the carriage company said that “Both horses fell to the ground, where they remained calm and waited for their handlers to remove their harness. Once they were given the ok from their team, the horses easily stood and walked back to their staging area.”

Horse Carriage Crash

Horse-drawn carriage accident: Spooked horse gets hit by taxi cab and collapses in NYC – TomoNews

NEW YORK CITY — A horse in midtown Manhattan found himself wedged under a cab after suddenly getting spooked while being ridden along a busy city street.

Wedding Carriage Fail

Shocking dash cam video: Horse carriage rams into car

Carriage horse collapses in downtown Salt Lake City street

Jerry, a 13-year-old carriage horse collapsed in a downtown Salt Lake City street and could not get back up. Handlers say he was stricken with a bout of colic and has a 50-50 chance of recovery. Animal activists say his condition may also have been aggravated by the 97-degree heat. In this video, handlers try to get Jerry to stand and walk, eventually giving up and moving him to a barn with heavy equipment. The incident renews the debate about whether horse-drawn carriages are appropriate on city streets.

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