We have lost too many horses


We have compiled a list of fatalities, both human and equine. This list is still in progress and by no means comprehensive as reporting of these heinous accidents was sparse in the past. While the list might not be all-inclusive, it is far too long as it stands now.

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NYC carriage horse dies of colic in Midtown stable, reigniting controversy – August 17, 2023

NYC carriage horse dies of colic in Midtown stable, reigniting controversy | amNewYork

A New York City carriage horse died earlier this week at a Midtown stable, reigniting controversy between activists who deem the industry abusive to animals . . .

Gold Leaf Carriage horse dies – Auguest 15, 2023

Gold Leaf Carriage horse dies due to heart attack while carrying a casket during a funeral service in Durham

Gold Leaf Carriage could be seen taking their precious time getting to the ill-fallen horse as he is in his final moments of life.

Carriage Horse Ryder dies  – October 17, 2022

Carriage horse Ryder dies months after collapse sparked animal abuse caseNYC Central Park carriage horse dies suddenly of colic during heatwave

A Central Park carriage horse died suddenly of colic, city officials said Wednesday. The Belgian Draft horse, named Billy, died in his stall about 4 a.m. July 20..

Billy – Dead – July 27, 2022

NYC Central Park carriage horse dies suddenly of colic during heatwave

A Central Park carriage horse died suddenly of colic, city officials said Wednesday. The Belgian Draft horse, named Billy, died in his stall about 4 a.m. July 20..

Unnamed Person Dead – June 27, 2022

Minnesota Man Dies After He Was Run Over by Clydesdale Horse

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — A Minnesota man who planned to offer carriage rides at an event in St. Cloud was killed when he was trampled by one of the Clydesdale horses.

Frederick Duzan Dead – December 9, 2021

Horse-drawn sleigh driver dies in freak accident in Leavenworth

iFIBER ONE News partner, News Radio 560 KPQ, reports that a joyful ride on a horse-drawn sleigh turned tragic when its driver was killed after being thrown from the apparatus Thursday afternoon.

Henry Stauffer Dead – October 27, 2021

Driver in fatal hit-and-run crash involving horse-drawn buggy was under the influence, police say

Ryan Cherrico was arrested on 8 charges, including negligent homicide by vehicle under the influence and negligent manslaughter.

Unnamed Person Dead – October 24, 2021

Collision in Woolwich between car and horse-and-buggy leaves man dead, woman critically injured

Waterloo Region Police say one person died after a collision between a horse-and-buggy and a car on Sunday night in Woolwich.

Barbie and Josh Esh Dead – October 17, 2021

Amish parents killed, 8 kids injured in horse-drawn buggy crash

Virginia State Police say a 38-year-old Cumberland County woman and her husband were killed, and their eight children were injured when their Amish horse-drawn buggy was rear-ended.

Unnamed Motorcyclist Dead – October 14, 2021

Crash While Passing Horse-Buggy On Central PA Bridge Lands Motorcyclist In Creek, State Police

A motorcyclist was fatally thrown into a creek during a multi-vehicle crash on a central Pennsylvania bridge, according to a report released by Pennsylvania state police.

Unnamed Horse Dead – October 13, 2021

Man arrested after Richmond County horse-drawn buggy crash left two people badly injured, horse euthanized

A man has been arrested after a crash on Wednesday left two people badly injured, and a horse euthanized after a horse-drawn buggy was struck by a vehicle in Richmond County.

Unnamed Horse Dead – March 20, 2021

Horse dies in North Melbourne after collapsing while pulling carriage

A “truly heartbreaking scene” has unfolded on a busy Melbourne road after a horse pulling a carriage collapsed and died.

On Sunday, two white horses were pulling the carriage on Arden Street in North Melbourne.

2 Injured, Unnamed Horse Dead – March 17, 2021

Horse dies, 2 men injured when car crashes into carriage

SHADY HILLS, Fla. (AP) — A car crashed into a horse-drawn carriage on a dark road, killing the horse and seriously injuring two people, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Four Dead – December 2020

4 dead after horse-drawn buggy collides with dump truck

Four people were killed Monday and as many as eight others injured when a horse and buggy collided with a dump truck in rural Pennsylvania, according to state police.

Razzy – November 2020

Collision on SR 64 results in death of beloved carriage horse

Williams is mourning the loss of one of its favorite downtown fixtures. Razzy the carriage horse was killed in a wreck Sunday afternoon.

Unnamed Infant – October 2020

Baby Dies After Falling From Horse-Drawn Carriage In Maine

Police in Maine are investigating the death of a 4-month-old infant who fell from a horse-drawn carriage in the northern part of the state. The child’s death was accidental and happened on Thursday in Stacyville, police said.

Unnamed Horse – September 2020

Three people were injured in a crash on KY 339 west of Wingo in a crash involving a horse and buggy and a truck.

The driver of the truck was not injured. — Deputies say the horse died as a result of the crash.

Owen Hostetler – August 2020

M-65 project to include lane for carriage traffic after crash

An upcoming roadway project on M-65 in Plainfield Township will work towards keeping carriage and farm equipment travel safer, according law enforcement and county officials.

Unnamed Horse – August 2020

Horse died allegedly due to fatigue and heat while carrying tourists

A horse pulling a carriage with tourists died at Italy’s Royal Palace of Caserta today, 12 August, with images of the dead animal quickly going viral.

Unnamed Horse – August 2020

Four children dead, one still missing after horse-drawn carriage overturns into creek

Kentucky State Police now confirm that four of the five missing children have now been found dead. Search and rescue crews are still searching for the fifth child.

Unnamed Horse – August 2020

M-65 project to include lane for carriage traffic after crash

An upcoming roadway project on M-65 in Plainfield Township will work towards keeping carriage and farm equipment travel safer, according law enforcement and county officials.

Star – July 2020

Teenager escapes death by skin of teeth as horse, cart and van collide on busy dual carriage way – **WARNING** graphic dashcam footage

This road traffic collision occurred two days ago and the dashcam footage is amongst the most shocking videos you will have ever seen.

Ervin – July 2020

Runaway carriage horse captured on video in Charleston died after sustaining injuries

A runaway carriage horse that was captured on video in Charleston died after sustaining injuries from the incident.

Michael Bates and Donna Hicklin – July 2020

Driver who killed two people and a horse in road crash found guilty

A driver who killed two people in a horse-drawn carriage when she crashed into them from behind has been found guilty of causing death by careless driving.

Unnamed Horse – June 2020

Woman, horse die after minivan vs. buggy accident

A woman is dead and two girls were injured after a minivan rear-ended a horse-drawn buggy Tuesday morning.

Police say they were called to a crash involving two vehicles around 7:45 a.m. on SR 124, a quarter-mile east of West of CR 200 East in Rural Monroe.

Unnamed Horse – June 2020

Horse-drawn hearse struck by vehicle in central Toledo

A Tuesday afternoon collision between a horse-drawn hearse and a pickup truck in central Toledo resulted in the death of a horse.

5 Unnamed Horses – April 2020

Maharashtra: Five horses die of starvation amid COVID-19 lockdown

As many as five horses used in carriages died of starvation during the COVID-19 lockdown in Maharashtra’s Palghar district, a report from the authorities stated on Thursday.

Aisha – February 2020

Central Park Carriage Horse Dies After Disturbing Video Shows It Collapsing

A carriage horse has been euthanized after a disturbing video showed it collapsing in New York City’s Central Park over the weekend. The incident has reignited calls to ban horse-drawn carriages in the city.

Unnamed Horse – October 2019

Horse collapses near Rome’s Spanish Steps

One of Rome’s ‘botticelle’ horses collapsed on Via dei Condotti, the exclusive shopping street near the Spanish Steps, on the morning of 17 October, reigniting the debate about why the animals are still in operation around the city.

8-year-old Killed – September 2019

Car Plows Into Amish Horse-Drawn Buggy, Killing 3 Children

The Michigan crash underscored a risk faced by a sect that eschews cars and other modern technology.

8-year-old Killed – July 2019

St. Francois County child, just 8-years-old, killed in buggy crash

A pickup truck slammed into a horse-drawn carriage in Missouri on Thursday, killing an 8-year-old Mennonite boy and seriously injuring four members of his family, including two other children, authorities said.

2 Unnamed Mules – June 2019

2 mules pulling carriage killed in crash east of Colorado Springs

A pickup crashed into a mule-drawn carriage Friday on Peyton Highway in El Paso County, killing two mules and injuring a 52-year-old woman, the Colorado State Patrol reported.

3 Unnamed Children – June 2019

3rd Child Dies After Horse-Drawn Carriage Hit In Michigan

A third child who was in an Amish horse-drawn carriage that was struck by a drunken driver in southern Michigan has died, authorities said Sunday.

Unnamed Horse, Unnamed Woman – May 2019

55-year-old woman dies after collision with horse in Beja

A 55-year-old woman died Sunday following a car collision that drove with an animal-drawn vehicle on the main Itinerary (IP) 2 in Beja, a GNR source said.

Unnamed Horse – December 2018

A New Holland woman is facing charges after she killed a horse and threw a person from a destroyed carriage with her vehicle.

A New Holland woman is facing charges after she killed a horse and threw a person from a destroyed carriage with her vehicle.

Brandie Beiseigel, 32, is facing accidents involving damage to a vehicle and accidents involving personal injury, among other summary traffic violations.

Zeus – November 2018

Mayor Plante says ‘The caleche industry has no place in Montreal’ after horse’s death

The sudden weekend death of a carriage horse on a cobblestoned Old Montreal street prompted calls Monday for the city to accelerate plans to end the caleche industry.
But the horse’s owner said the animal had recently been ill, and he rejected the idea that his workload contributed to his death.

From the Anti-calèche defense coalition: The horse who died, Charlot, is actually Zeus. They change the names to confuse us so we can’t keep track, which is already impossible since this year we had no list of horses from the City.

Mack – September 2018

Horse’s death mars Lyndhurst festival

A draft horse pulling a wagonload of fairgoers collapsed and died Saturday afternoon, a tragic turn to what might have been an ideal day for the Lyndhurst Turkey Fair.

The popular Percheron horse, Mack, part of team owned by Marwin and Kathy Antoine, was on a regular run, pulling the fairgoers up the hill towards Christ Church, when he suddenly collapsed.

Unnamed Person(s) – August 2018

Woman killed and man seriously injured after accident involving horse-drawn carriage

A woman has died and a man left seriously injured after an accident involving a horse-drawn carriage.

Emergency services were called to Uttoxeter Road in Hilderstone at around 1pm today (Sunday August 5) following the accident near the junction with Jolpool Lane.

Gringu – August 2018

Karozzin horse collapses and dies in Floriana

A horse drawing a karozzin collapsed and died in Floriana on Wednesday afternoon, horrifying tourists and prompting the parliamentary secretary for animal rights to call for laws to be revised.

Autopsy Confirms ‘Excessive Heat, Heavy Loads And The Steep Route Contributed’ To Horse’s Death

Billy Rogers – August 2018

Man killed after horse-drawn carriage is hit by car in Muskogee County

Authorities are investigating a deadly crash involving a horse-drawn carriage in Muskogee County.

Around 3 p.m. on Aug. 1, troopers from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol were called to U.S. Hwy 266, just west of Hwy 2 in Muskogee County, following an accident.

Sparkle – January 2018

RIP Sparkle

Jasmine – January 2018

Jasmine died yesterday after much suffering and neglect.
She had a colic, a urinary tract infection, and wounds to her feet. She worked all summer to death. R.I.P.

3 Unnamed Children – October 2017

3 children killed in Sunday morning buggy crash

Unnamed Horse, David Kuepfer – January 2017

Horse, man dead in collision between car and buggy.

Township of Perth East, Ontario, Police say a 74-year-old man has died after a car collided with a horse-drawn buggy in the Township of Perth East, Ont. Ontario Provincial Police say all four people in the buggy were injured in the crash, which happened at about 8:30 a.m. Sunday. They say the horse drawing the buggy also died as a result of the crash.

Roman – September 2016

Yorktown man is ‘person of interest’ in buggy hit-and-run

Anderson, IN, ONE OF TWO HORSES, ROMAN, WAS SO SERIOUSLY INJURED IN THE ACCIDENT A VETERINARIAN EUTHANIZED HIM AT THE ACCIDENT SCENE — Scott was treated for a concussion and large cut on his right knee at St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital.

Unnamed Horse – August 2016

SUV collides with horse-drawn carriage, Amish family of six injured

Farwell, MI, Six members of an Amish family were injured, and their horse put down, after an SUV rear-ended their carriage Saturday morning on a road outside of Clare.

Unnamed Horse – June 2016

Palma, Spain. An undignified end. The horse is removed by an Emaya truck.

A horse used to draw one of the city’s carriages was killed yesterday morning at around 9.45am in Dalt Murada. It would seem that the horse suddenly bolted, crashed into a wall and was killed and that the cause of this was that it panicked when a tourist went to pet it.

Gail Johnson – June 2016

Woman Killed, Run Over By Horse-Drawn Carriage On Mackinac Island

A Texas woman is dead after she was run over by a horse-drawn carriage on Mackinac Island. According to Mackinac Island Police, 79-year old Gail Johnson of Llano, Texas, was riding a bike on Main Street, M-185, near the Mackinac Public Library when she somehow lost control.

Unnamed Horse – July 2015

Car strikes Amish buggy in The County, 2 injured

Two members of a northern Maine Amish community were injured when their horse-drawn carriage was struck from behind by a motor vehicle Wednesday evening, according to Presque Isle police. The seriously injured horse was euthanized at the scene.

Buddy – June 2015

Horse runs into traffic; Has to be euthanized

Natchez, MS, In June, three occupants were ejected and transported to a Pennsylvania hospital to be treated for serious injuries. THE HORSE DIED ON THE SCENE

Freddie – August 24, 2014

An abrupt end for hard-working horse

After a lifetime of pulling newlyweds and children in an ornate white carriage, Freddie posed for his last keepsake photo Sunday night.

Unnamed Horse – May 2014

Death in the Afternoon

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